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High mechanical and thermal demands which occur during processing of modern plastic materials (e.g filled or reinforced) characterize the working conditions of modern cylinders. In order to endure the strenuous demands of everyday use, it is necessary to possess a technically refined product manufactured from high-quality materials.


We process your cylinders at the most modern work stations in a wide variety of designs, materials and surface treatments.

Arenz cylinders

The cylinder-steel quality selection for extruders and injection moulding machines exactly match the use for which they are designed.

Our cylinder programme includes among others:

  • mono-cylinders (parallel or conical)
  • double cylinders (parallel or conical)
  • vented cylinders
  • smooth-bore tubes and grooved bushing
  • cooling or tempering
  • outer cylinder diameter:
    up to 500 mm
  • inner cylinder diameter:
    up to 300 mm
  • length:
    up to 7,000 mm
  • bore:
    H 7, roughness depth Rz 1.6
  • nitrided steel
  • bi-metal
  • powder metallurgical steel
  • HIP alloy materials

Depending on the plastic to be processed and the production process we offer you the optimum materials.

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