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Wear detection

In injection moulding wear especially affects the non-return valves and nozzles. This wear is either abrasive wear which is caused by friction of the sliding movement of the granulate or the molten mass onto the non-return valve or it is corrosive wear which is caused by chemical stress on the non-return valve by the plastics to be processed.

DAs wear may lead to mould part defects and rejects regular monitoring of non-return valves and nozzles is essential.

The first signs of wear may be streaks, black inclusions, dark stripes, strong variations in the melt cushion or insufficient dimension accuracy of the product.

Arenz non-return valves

In order to protect against wear a careful design of the non-return valve is important. Arenz non-return valves are tailored to your prodcution process, they are highly wear-resistant and therefore have a long service life.


Ring valve

(tip, retainer ring, clamping ring)

  • long service life
  • fast closure
  • low flow resistance
Ball valve
  • low wear tendency
  • accurate response and closing behaviour
  • suitable for low-viscosity plastics

Arenz non-return valves are available in a wide range of designs and materials.


Arenz non-return valves are available for all standard machine types.


Depending on the plastic to be processed we deliver non-return valves:

  • nitrided steel
    (highly wear-resistant due to hard-facing material Arnit 201)
  • corrosion-resistant steel
  • special materials on demand

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