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The technical progress in the plastics processing constantly creates new requirements. In order to be able to offer the newest solutions, consequent further development of products is essential.

Manufacture - Screws la carte

Know-how, modern production methods and customer-oriented thinking determine the high quality of Arenz screws.

Due to our more than 40 years of experience we can offer you a wide range of products. Thus we guarantee customised screw geometries.

Arenz screws

We produce performance-optimized, highly wear- and corrosion resistant screws that are tailor-made according to customer requirements.

  • three-zone screws
  • barrier screws
  • vented extruder screws
  • twin screws
    • conical or parallel
    • rotating or counter-rotating
  • multi-part screws

Including all screw components as e.g.:

  • mixing parts, shearing parts, spiral shearing parts
  • screw tips
  • diameter:
    up to 500 mm
  • length:
    up to 7,000 mm
  • Hard-facing
    By means of our plasma powder welding machine we are able to process any standard hard-facing material using the PTA welding procedure.
    In particular, Arenz has developed its own hard-facing materials (see hard-facing materials).

For certain applications the geometry must be protected by a caoting.

We offer the following treatment methods:

  • hard chrome plating
  • chemical nickel plating
  • TiN coating
  • CrN
  • CrN-mod
  • CrN-multilayer coating
  • high-speed flame spraying
  • nitrided steel
  • powder metallurgical steel
  • nickel-based materials for extremely high corrosion and temperature resistance (e.g. Inconel, Hastelloy)
Arnit 100cobalt-base50 - 60 HRC
Arnit 110cobalt-base38 - 45 HRC
Arnit 120cobalt-base41 - 48 HRC
Arnit 200Nickel-Basis51 - 54 HRC
Arnit 210nickel-base52 - 57 HRC
Arnit 300Iron-base56 - 62 HRC

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